Words can make or break a business

‚ÄčEvery day we see, read and hear words that come to us in millions of formats and contexts..headlines, company names, brand names, peoples’ names, articles, op-eds, comments in social media, news media and a slew of other sources. Its literally a “word bath” we take each day. As we absorb the words and its meaning within the context of the language, we form ideas, opinions and perspectives toward the person, company, products, society, country etc. These words are affecting us each day…we start to like a company, like a product, dislike a company, start to dislike and disconnect from a product. Maybe we start to like a leader or other way around. Bottom line–words are very powerful. It is imperative that people who engage in writing whether in business or other social context, pay clear attention who is it for, what message they want to send to the reader/listener/viewer. Will the the message from the brand name, company name, article spread and gets liked many parts of the world or just stay localized in a region? Almost each day we hear of companies discontinuing a product, changing names, losing market share to competitors. A large percent of cases, after some deep analysis, it can reveal that a combination of bad or wrong words used by marketing, sales, C-level people was the main culprit.