Focus is the key in life and business.

Staying exclusively focused and specialized in a few sectors, allows us to create strong, coherent, and unique solutions for our clients. We help solve immediate critical problems as well as plan for the longer term systemic issues.
Practice Capability Areas​

Go-to-Market Strategy

When a company wants to enter the marketplace with a new product or to expand to new region with an existing product, a whole host of variables come to play– branding, positioning, marketing, sales communications, quality, pricing, service levels. All of these attributes will determine the  long term sustainability of success for the company. The overall approach must be holistic– combining hard elements and soft elements. Companies must address some critical questions:

  • How do we optimize the connection among our products, customer mindset, company business model and mission?
  • What should be the cornerstones of our corporate identity that will help differentiate us from the competition?
  • What signals do we give to the market and customers that we can bring impacts to their value chain?
  • How can we build best-in-class capabilities needed to be an effective competitor as part of our Go-to-Market strategy?

55W will help your team with a holistic and integrated approach to improve all the elements to create a competitive advantage for your business. We work passionately with companies to dig deeper to assess the efficacy of their current marketing and sales capabilities. Then find all the weak points and implement a framework to correct the issues.

Branding, Corporate Identity and Marketing DNA

All companies– from start-ups to fully established, must build and continue to protect their brands by continuous sharpening of their marketing DNA. There is strong correlation between loyal customer base and strong brands. To do this, they must have a crisp and articulate marketing DNA that becomes inherent into the corporate culture. The brands includes both products and company itself, how the marketplace perceives cognitively the name of the company as well as how customers connect to the brand mentally. This is a complex process, requiring careful strategic mix of many elements. Companies must ask and answer some serious questions:

  • What soft and hard attributes of our brands to be different from our competitors so that we have longer lasting impacts in the hearts and minds of our clients?
  • Is our marketing DNA on the right track or should there be modifications done to be a memorable company?
  • What traits, principles, and capabilities are needed to build a strong and enduring brand– one that will create a cognitive connection with the clients?
  • What is our optimal approach to defining, building a strong image and managing a congruent brand framework that will convey a harmony among our brands?

We will help you develop a strong brand strategy connecting customers, market needs, and product applications. Our experience includes work in biotech, diagnostics, phrarma, specialized software, and other life sciences sub-specialties.​

Marketing Strategy and Sales Process Optimization

  • Given our industry, what should be our optimal sales process methodology and framework to ensure maximum conversion rate from prospects to paying customers?
  • How can we optimize our sales and distribution channels to align with the market trends, customers and competitors?
  • What can be done to improve the business with key large accounts and strategic clients?
  • How do we train the salesforce to be more solution-centric and consultative, away from product-centric mindset?

We will help you assess your company situation, then help devise a powerful framework and implementation plan. This will include concise strategies, tools, and training.